Sonntag, 25. März 2012

Karsten's Logbook Week I

WEEK I, 9th of MARCH 2012

This is it. This is your life. Is it? I’m not sure if I felt helpless or meaningless before all that has begun. I just know, that I got angry when I first read about Madagascar’s deforestation. It was Klara who turned me into the issue. Her idea is striking. Now, I’m grateful for her efforts. She inspires me. I was prepared to do everything for her great idea. An adventure documentary, that will feel real, exciting, and does investigate an issue which effects us all. 

Sooner or later it will effect us in a way we couldn’t even imagine. But it’s not like Madagascar dies and because of that the whole world will die. Nope. Not that easy. It’s much more psychological: If we can’t save Madagascar, how will we ever save the world from human greed?

Wouldn’t it be discouraging? Honestly, there was a time when I didn’t care about all of this. But one day I learned to use my head. I remember the values of my childhood. I don’t wanna be a parasite. We can live in symbiosis with the world as we do with our closest friends. Klara and I started to present the project to the public. We needed help. A lot of people loved it.

But there were also some that misunderstood it. They critized it only for its effort to find out whether we still can do something. And we didn’t earn the money we needed fast enough. We won some sponsors. Yet, not enough. We had sleepless nights and heated discussions. I went to the Zoo and studied the animals, made pictures, constantly trying to keep the project and my knowledge growing.

But seeing Klara’s moments of disappointments about some cynics words und her sadness about the missing support of too many of our facebook friends broke my heart. Anyway, there is hope. We want to do this so much. The film can become so innovative, exciting and beautiful. All we need is some help of some good people. Sounds simple? Kind of. Depends on who's reading this...

The dramatic conflict in our film? It seems, its not us confronting deforestation and overexploitation anymore. Maybe, now, it is us against resignation. And we won't give up. 

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