Donnerstag, 26. April 2012


The aeroplane is leaving in Berlin in a view hours. Stuff is packed, last e-mails sent, fb updated and now it's time for the last blog entry from Europe. Tomorrow around this time we will land in Antananarivo and a new part of this adventure will begin. Finally printing our the list with contacts from organisations and scientists we will meet in Madagascar-  I'm looking forward to meet all this new people and see new faces and hear stories I haven't heard before. We'll come back to you with a big bundle of new stories I think : )

We will hopefully be able to update this blog here from now and then and let you know how everything is I've gotta go and get the bikes ready to cycle to the airport Berlin Tegel and get on a plane to Madagascar : )

Have a wonderful time and you'll hear from us soon

Klara & Karsten

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