Sonntag, 29. April 2012

Welcome to Tana!

There are colorful birds singing in the tree- I don't know witch colors though because I haven't had the time to look at them yet : )
It's been busy: we found the hotel- on the second day we've got all our luggage back- and we made it from the airport to the hotel with our bikes. Luckily Karsten was able to repair the broken brakes and get the tires fixed again, that suffered from a tough flight. Anyway it was a challenging ride! With loaded trucks and Taxi-Brousse rushing by. There also had been some fun discussions with employees at the airport to get our luggage back- I added lots of gestures to  my non existing french vocabulary and everything worked out fine. 

Now we spend our first hours in the big city of Tana and yes we are white- we are the hyper tourists that everyone looks at- the tourists that don't speak french very well and try hard to learn their first words in Malagasy. We are the ones that point on one word on the menu card to be happily surprised with a tasty Zebu steak in coconut- mint sauce : )
We've got a lot of smiles on our way and we adjust- we ask- we get answers, tips and are surrounded by helpful people who take the extra 10minutes it takes to understand our french-english babbling. We also got some shots for you from the market we stumbled through today! Soon we will leave Tana and head East!


  1. Thanks for the status update. It's really interesting to follow you on your journey.

  2. Viel Erfolg auf der Reise.
    Ich schaue gerade eine Sendung auf BBC (Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve) und die aktuelle Folge handelt auch teilweise von Madagaskar. Sehr schöne Insel

  3. Will you help us all with a travel map, locating your shots a bit? Or do you want us to google away on the hints you are giving?
    Have fun, eat well, eat everything and remember Kofi Annan's most wise comment: "Never be more clever than the locals!"