Montag, 21. Mai 2012

Karsten's Logbook Week X

What has happened until now

Elliptic story telling… I wait for a café. In front of my lies Madagascar, the sea, a small Monkey Island coral bay, coco nut trees, white beach with gentle grey stones on which dark blue mudskippers make their day. Cycads smatter their incisive songs, attendes by the humming of the waves and the seagull background singers. A coffee brown attractive young woman with charming smile brings me a coffee rarefied on a mirror of mild Nosy Be rum and sugar. Its dawn. The sky… you know the picture. To cut a long story short: everything is perfect. Everything? No. A wonderful courageous creature resist the dreamland harmony. Not by anger. Not by defiance. But by fever. And tears…


A group of weird french tourists in a hotel called "Nirvana" in Ambila-Levahitsu turned out to be a group of courageous french doctors. They spend the two month of their official vacation in a zone that got hit hard by a cyclone. Instead of hanging up and drink coco cocktails they treat around 100 people a day in a broken hospital. Their project "Sahambala" founded by Pierre Fournier can be easily checked under on Its run without any political ambition. We've had an impressive insight. People from everywhere come here to find medical supplies and help, because if these doctors wouldn't do it (for free!), nobody else would. They need at least 13.000 Euro to rebuild that little hospital. And they even helped us. Nathalie Fournier, one of the founders,has given us an antiseptic medicine and some desinfective liquid in case of injuries on our travels.

By the rage of february 2012 cyclon destroyed hospital 

People from far away come here to find professional and effective treatment for free

The Spore of Darkness

One week ago, at the eastern shore of Madagascar, 30 kilometers north of Tamatave, a rich harbor city, we found a place like a dream in a dream. Wild blue ocean meets a sweet river striving small jungles, between soft skin stones and golden sands evolve little salty pools filled with green blue brown striped crabs, blue tiger fishes and mocca mudskippers jumping over the waves. We played in the waves, swum in the river. Salty humidity growed warm in the sun. Palm trees, guavas, coco nuts oranges, friendly villagers. A tree that hang over the river delta was a habitat for live clams. After a hard ride, this scenery gave us the chance to relax a bit. We used that certain tree for fun purpose. Maybe a little too thoughtless. Klara has cut open her foot on of the mussels under the tree. 

Fisher fight the waves in order to find a way through it and make their daily dollar
I fake yoga relaxation to impress Klara, but honestly I just sit there to get wet by the 24°C warm sea waters

Life of Others

Desinfection with that antiseptic creme from Pierre had a promising effect. Then plaster on it. After some hours, we've had left no thought on that little circumstance. Instead we met two thought provoking German men. One a traveling carpenter who lived in Madagascar for some years and one a breakaway - a sixty year old man who looked and lived like Herman Toothroot with an extraordinary life story and a long indri-fur-like beard. In Madagascar, he manages to live by 60 Cents a day, enjoys every sundown, every breath of life and eats rice, fruits and coco nuts. Unimaginable that he used to have a Ferrarie, ate with German dukes and sold cars and insurances all over Europe. And yet, after a broken marriage and lots of bureaucratic troubles he now - off system - is more chilled and more happy than ever before. How come.

Our 8 € beach house is just amazing
With Changers solar panels and battery we can even charge our GoPro2 wherever and whenever!

Odyssee continues

Following the advise of both German friends we met sixty year old Valer. He is a creole and the owner of a wooden beach house in which we stayed for just around eight euros a night. He cooked perfect meals as much as we could eat. Having some time off was good to repair the broken tire of Klara's bike and clearing chain and wheels from sand. We gained strength for our four day nonstop ride to Manumpana - the last stop before Maronsetra. That certain wound has been forgotten already. The treatment should have been much more regulary. The possibilities were there, thanks to the doctors. We didn't know what sorrowful times would come...

Klara is already tired even before we really started..
In Madagascar, the chameleon is known as harbinger of misfortune

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