Dienstag, 27. März 2012

Because it's worth it!

"...sounds like a really great project, and us in the often forgotten south of Madagascar would be very grateful for any extra coverage you can give to the region and the important issues!" , writes the leader of a conservation research program in Madagascar. That is great to hear, because it means that the aim of our project is going into the right direction and it's worth continuing the fight to make it come true.

Every day is exciting. And it's stressful. Haggling with sponsors about equipment. Giving interviews on the phone. Having a TV news crew over for breakfast. Spending an entire day in front of your laptop writing and answering e-mails. Today I a had a phone-call from Switzerland, wrote an e-mail with questions to London, got a mail back from the south coast of Madagascar, had a chat with another organisation from the U.S. on facebook and got a phone-call for an interview from Austria. I haven't left the flat yet, haven't talked to anyone face to face, but I've already communicated with half of the globe. That's not a healthy lifestyle and not recommendable, neither easy to bear, but for this part of the project it's necessary.

I'm always nervous when I'm talking to organisation members on the phone and it takes me ages to write one official e-mail. Because it's so important to communicate the right thing. All the stress is forgotten, when you can put another name on the post-it, stick it on the map near another exotic village name -knowing that you will end up near this tiny black dot after an exhausting bike ride and see a complete different world- film it and bring it back for everyone to see!
You can help us make this film:

The planning is done, we've got contacts and places to visit, we've got a route and people in Madagascar supporting our project. All we need now is some more support from your side, so we are able to pay for the vaccination, the flights, travel, food, malaria tablets and two cheap bikes to get where we need to get, to make a film for you and everyone who still believes in change. Support our project on StartNext or via paypal on klara.harden.com