Dienstag, 27. März 2012

The good news!

 "The roads in southern Madagascar are pretty bad actually, but in June/July time its not such a problem as there are no floods to turn the 'road surface' to mud or to fill the potholes into lakes. "
is one of the informations I've got asking about the conditions of the roads, we will cycle on. Something tells me that "No longer existing"-bridges and roads that look like hiking trails will be only one part of the obsticals we will have to face. Adventure! Here it comes! No, wait! I'm already in it!

Working on this project has been a fight. Also a fight against pessimism and the sweet allurement of surrender. And believe me, giving up was on my mind often- BUT we didn't surrender! And now our obstinacy and belief in our project starts to pay off! And with al little help from our friends we can make it!

We've got positive feedback for a film funding in Austria! We've got over 60supporters! And we've got contact to great organisations in Madagascar! Today I had a phone-call from Switzerland in the early morning. Regula Ochsner, founder of ADES was on the phone. She told me about the organisation work: the production on solar- and energy saving cookers in order to reduce the need for firewood and through that, deforestation in Madagascar. With her approval we now have got the 6th organisation in Madagascar confirming to welcome us to their sites. Operation Wallacea, Azafady and Blue Venture are some of the organisations we've been in contact with in the last month.

We've been soaking up information about Madagascar, it's environmental issues, it's culture and how we will reach the (often) remote sites of organisations.
"Our 4x4 vehicles often get stuck in the sand, especially in wet season.  I would be worried about cycling on some parts of these roads as they really are thick white sand that can sometimes prove difficult to walk in!" is one of the informations we received.

The wonderful thing is, that everyone I have been in contact with in Madagascar has been very helpful and more than supportive with information. On this point a huge "Thank you" to Thorsten from Tanalhorizon for the most informative phone-call I had in years.

It seems as the situation has changed over the last years in Madagascar and most travel guides are describing a very different, healthier, wealthier and safer island. Regula told me about the rapid deforestation of the slow growing spinal forest in South Madagascar. I've seen pictures of lush rainforests of the east coast- a place where logging hasn't stopped either. There is need for change and the organisations which are trying to make this change need support. We've got a list of organisations on our website which you can donate to or become a volunteer in. As environmental problems and poverty go hand in hand in Madagascar it's important to also support social programs.

I can't wait to see all these places, get to know these people, film them, interview them and make a film for you so everyone can see, that there is need for change.

The planning is done, we've got contacts and places to visit, we've got a route and people in Madagascar supporting our project. All we need now is some more support from your side, so we are able to pay for vaccination, flights, travel, food, malaria tablets and two bikes to get where we need to get, to make a film for you and everyone who still believes in change. Support our project on StartNext or via paypal on klaraharden.com

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