Samstag, 31. März 2012

Karsten's Logbook Week III

WEEK III, 23th of MARCH 2012

This is awesome! We'll do it! We'll make it! It works!

We talked to many supporters and collected contacts in Madagascar like emeralds. I'm working on tech, hacking tripods and creating things for our cameras to put on a bike. We are on several blogs like great ! What shall I say? That week worked just fine. Next step: packaging! And tech testing. We are going to hike and bike through Austrian mountains soon for testing the solar panels, camera, editing system... Energywise, everything needs to be self-sufficient. Can't wait for eastern to begin with the complete test run. Wohooo!

What else we did... ? Mhmm. We went to the museum of science in order to make research on animals and nature.  I was looking for knowledge about life and animals. Klara was on the same trip, somehow. There wasn't really a lot of useful hints effecting the way we think about what we're going to do. Almost. The variety of lifeforms is just mindblowing. It is so incredibly amazing that all these creatures live in balance with each other - side by side and globally as well - in order to survive and evolve. Life is full of stunning mysteries.  I wonder why we collect these things so urgently... As the museum seems to prove in an overwhelming manner mankind has a basic interest into all of that. Most fascinating was a giant collection of dead creatures drinking formaldehyd until the end of their manmade eternity.

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